• Minimum Break Strength: 3,000 lbs.
  • Working Load Limit: 1,000 lbs.
  • 2" Cargo Net 41" x 80" with Cam Buckles & Spring E Fittings - Orange
    Part #:
    2" Cargo Net 41" x 80" with Cam Buckles & Spring E Fittings - Orange



    Product Description

    • Part #: USA-2-CN-CB41x80SEF-Orange
    • Material: 2 Inch 4,500 lb. Polyester Webbing
    • Color: Orange
    • Width: 41" - Length: 80"
    • Adjustable Length: 94” – 110”

    Heavy-duty Trailer Cargo Nets provide a quick and easy option for securing any Cargo.

    Our 2 Inch Heavy Duty Cargo Net - 41" x 80" are built with three - 2" Cam Buckles and six - 2" Spring E-Fittings to allow for an adjustment range of 94" to 110".

    Simply insert the E-fittings into E-track (not included) and adjust the cargo net to your needs with the three attached Cam Buckles.
    Manufactured in 2" Industrial-Grade Polyester Webbing for maximum strength and hold. Need a cargo net that offers a tighter hold? Look at our 2 Inch - 40" x 81" Cargo Net with Ratchets.

    The Ratchets can be torqued to provide maximum tension on the Cargo Net, whereas the tension provided by Cam Buckles is determined by the user's strength/ability to pull the strap tight.

    USA Ratchet manufacturers all sizes of Cargo Nets for the Trucking Industry, Railroad Industy, Sea Transport Industry, Airline Industry, and the Automotive Industry. We can also build a Custom Cargo Net to meet your exact specifications. Call our sales team for more information at (888) 557-5520.